Get Directions - Lucca Art Fair


Get Directions

18 - 20 May 2018

Get Directions


The exhibition complex in Lucca was brought into being in 2008 with the aim of refurbishing a pre-existing industrial site called the 'ex Bertolli', situated in San Concordio quarter, which had been lying unused for a long time. This opportunity for the redevelopment of a large, abandoned area proved to be a real positive turn for Lucca's municipality, from both a social and an economic point of view. 
Thanks to a project aimed at the promotion and organisation of congresses, cultural exhibitions and fairs, Lucca Fiere has succeeded in becoming a major landmark for many leading events. Since 2015, these exhibition spaces have been managed by the Lucca Comics and Games Company which, every year, organizes and promotes the most significant comics and games festival in Europe. 
Partnership with Lucca Comics and Games is an important opportunity for all those businesses wishing to promote their brand nationally and internationally, thanks in particular to the broad range of marketing and advertising services provided by the company across the local area, through the media and online.
The exhibition complex covers an area of 7000 sq. mt. Its main section is arranged on three different levels and offers spacious multifunctional zones, as well as a full range of high standard facilities, such as wi-fi, a café, a restaurant, lifts, staircases and a large outdoor car park.

Lucca's Polo Fiere exhibition centre is conveniently located for the city centre and the Lucca Est and Lucca Ovest expressway exits. Situated just over 800m from the historic centre, it is also easy to reach  by public transport (LAM ROSSA up to viale San Concordio + walk of 200 mts or LAM ROSSA + E18 to arrive at fair. Timetable at: by car. The complex's strategic position, overlooking one of Italy's main expressway routes, the A11 Firenze-Mare, gives it optimum visibility and accessibility.